Pereira: Having Fun with the Best Things to do

Set among the green valleys and rolling hill, the city of Pereira is going to mesmerize you with its natural landscape. The warm weather all throughout the year and the surrounding landscape makes it the perfect city to be explored. I found several attractions that can entice tourists like natural reserves, mountains, and biking and hiking spots. Let’s take a look at the best things you can do when you are in Pereira.

Go for Bike Tours

I realized that the best way to discover the city surrounded by coffee regions is by biking. The tours are really popular among tourists since you will get an insight into culture, wildlife, and destinations. Visiting nature reserves, smaller towns, and coffee plantations had been one of the best experiences. I might not have been able to see these otherwise.

Drop at Parque Del Café

Ever heard of an amusement park which is dedicated to coffee? Well, this is where you get to see one. The theme park with exciting roller coaster rides, games, and shows was extremely thrilling. Other than this, there are restaurants and cafes. Do not miss out on a cup of brew. I also visited the coffee museum trailing through the forest. However, what makes it more popular is the Coffee Show featuring local traditions being showcased by talented dancers and performers.

Lake Otún

This lake is situated in Parque National Los Nevados. The fresh source of the city offers a breathtaking view. I carried a fishing rod with me to try my luck at hooking a rainbow trout. I caught sight of many endangered Colombian bird species, too. If you have to spend the night with your family or friends, you can camp around the lake. The high altitude makes the atmosphere much cool.

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