Porto – The People’s City

Porto is a vibrant and very fascinating city. In a passage of five years, it became the most respected tourist destination for Western Europe. It has the most buzzing nightlife I have ever experienced. Porto is largely popular for the production of – Port, which is made and stored in the cellars near the banks of Douro River. Apart from the basics here are some attractions you must consider visiting.

Port Tasting and Tours

Porto is very famous for Port – the rich traditional wine, which is matured by the producers in large vessels also known as, caves authentically, down the southern bank lines of Douro River. The port lodges are the one who manages this whole process and gave me the tour around the whole execution of the wine production. It was a treat to eyes and certainly to the taste buds. A single bottle of port ranges from 20 euros to 200 euros.

Casã Da Músicã

This is one of the most architecturally imposed castles, which provide us with many cultural events full of events. It is present on the Rotunda da Boavista, which is your cultural hub for shopping starting from small to huge stuff. Casã offers various cultural performances. The ones I saw were their celebration dances and opera performances. The theme is always vibrant and energetic. The entry ticket for the same is 7.5 euros and the last show airs at 10 pm.


This tour starts from the small village named – Sistelo, known as Little Tibet as it offers various small accessories made by the people themselves. This hiking mainly uses the cobbled paths through the fields and villages. I was provided with magical landscapes and scenic valleys. The hiking trip is a 4-hour long hike and starts from 30 euros, while one can contact the hikers. The nighttime of hike is even more beautiful.

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