Popayán: Enjoy a Relaxing Holiday with Your Family

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Popayán is a city that is neglected by many tourists. The colonial architecture and rich history is well-preserved to be explored. I realized that it is one of the prettiest and underrated cities in the Cauca department. There are many day trip options to avail. You will find a plethora of things to do here. Some of these have been listed below.

Check out Parque Caldas

It is the main square which is situated next to the clock tower at the historic center and cathedral of the town. I just walked around the street. Local had been relaxing and street-food vendors had been selling food. The park had been established in 1537. The rich colonial history along with the monuments, trees, pigeons, and flowers make the stroll really enjoyable. Sometimes, local set up tents to sell souvenirs, crafts, and some accessories. I did some shopping in here.

Walk Along Puente Del Humilladero

The arched bridge of the city had been developed in the year 1873 with a combination of cement and superstitious elements like ox-blood. I came to learn from the local people that it is believed that the blood from a strong animal is going to hold the bridge strongly. Prior to it being constructed, the local people had to climb up the steep road with a heavy load to reach the main square. After you have taken a stroll on the bridge, check out the garden placed next to it.

Drop in at Silvia Indigenous Market

This is a small town which is only an hour a half away. The market put up every Tuesday sells traditional foods and you will find the locals trading here. I didn’t find a place to be touristy but it is quite attractive. Here, Guambiano community sells produces, farm supplies, and textiles into the town for selling.

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